Bizarre Side Effects That Happen to Your Body during Exercise

There might be a possibility that you may be overdoing it in the exercises that you engage in every day. This is alarming and too much exercise can cause severe damages to your physical body. This implies that you have turned out to become an addict, and that doesn’t well. If you are involved in exercises to lose weight, then you may lose too much of the weight that you initially intended to. Too much exercise makes your body famish, and Cortisol hormone will eventually be released in your body which will start to up your muscle weight thus losing a lot of body weight. The following are some negative effects that are resulted from excessive exercise.


You have at times found yourself doing numerous activities in just one session, for instance, some repetitive squats, the immediately mix with one-leg repetitive squats, you will feel wobbliness of your muscles that may make you fall to the ground. This may be as a result of fatigue since you have pushed yourself too far with your exercise or low sugar levels. Hypoglycemia, as it is known medically, is caused by low sugar and is one of the leading causes of fatigue tremors and including loss of cognizance.

Vulnerable to injuries

Your body will become so vulnerable to a number of injuries if you overindulge in exercise. Rest is an important factor to the perfect functioning of your body. Ligaments tend to stretch too much, and the tendons also get too strained. Your bones, which are surrounded by these tendons and ligaments, will be susceptible to fractures in case of too much exercise. The exercise you undertake should be comfortably supported by your body such that you should avoid exercising too much and can also lead to body tissue injuries.

Over Obsessed

Exercise is a vital practice in the wellbeing of your body’s health. But being overenthusiastic about your fitness routine is much more or likely to result in disasters. Over-exercising results to your body getting burnt out, subjecting it to more dangers and risks. When you become obsessed about your physic may cause one to lose self-confidence causing you to spend extraordinarily more time working out thus growing an attitude that is opposite that intended for fitness. Working out is designed to be something that is a part of you but not your whole life. Come up with a routine that will do you good rather than subjecting you to even more dangers.



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